What is psychotherapy? How can it help?

American Psychological Association (APA)
A concise and clear description of what therapy is, what to expect from it, how to know when treatment is complete, and more.

What is couples counseling? How can it help?

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT)
A good introduction to EFT, the type of couples counseling I use in my practice.

Hold Me Tight
A link to the book “Hold Me Tight,” a groundbreaking work that translates how couples therapy works to the general public.

Mental Health Services and Resources in San Francisco

Integral Counseling Center at Pierce Street
Excellent resource for low-fee (down to $20/session), sliding scale counseling and psychotherapy. Serving Bay Area adults, children, couples and families for over 20 years.

City of San Francisco Community Mental Health Program
Clearinghouse of information about services provided by The City.

Mental Health Association of San Francisco
Lots of good resources, everything from legal assistance to crisis support.

Mental Health Board of San Francisco
Another great resource for residents of San Francisco. Crisis support services provided here as well.

SF Talkline
A  24/7 free service for Bay Area parents in need of immediate help, or just wanting to reach out and connect with a trained counselor.

Men’s Work

Tending the Fire Within
A well-established weekly men’s group in SF facilitated by two leading male therapists in The City.