EMDR for Trauma

In addition to traditional talk therapy, I offer EMDR (Eye Motion Desensitization & Reprocessing) in my practice. EMDR is a unique therapy that utilizes the self-healing power of the brain to work through previously unintegrated or unprocessed material. EMDR has a wealth of research behind it, and is currently used as a preferred trauma treatment with returning soldiers by the US Veterans Administration.

I find EMDR to be a powerful, effective and often swift means of helping people overcome the lingering effects of traumatic memories and events. These events may range from a single incident, such as a car crash, to much longer-term trauma, such as childhood abuse.

I utilize EMDR for trauma both as a stand-alone treatment, as well as an adjunctive treatment with longer-term clients. In addition to its more standard form, I use EMDR as a way to help the people I work with calm anxious states, address long-standing negative beliefs, and better integrate their emotional experience, to name just a few ways I approach it.

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